~~INDOOR DINING WILL REMAIN CLOSED~~ Due to the latest legislation by government expecting hospitality businesses to ask customers for personal medical details in order to sit down for dinner I have come to the decision that this is not something that I am prepared to do for a number of reasons; There are hundreds of you who have consistently supported our business during the last 16 months picking up take-outs and enjoying our very small outdoor dining area and I am very grateful to ALL of you.. I am NOT prepared to have to ask you for your ID papers and you private medical information in order to sit down at a table inside as I am not prepared to EXCLUDE you or members of your family. Whatever you have decided to do regarding your own body is your freewill and entirely your business, not mine nor any staff member. It is very uncomfortable and unprecedented for us to be put in a position to have to legally ask you such a question. I have been here running this amazing restaurant with amazing people since 1999 and have loved it, I have encountered many difficulties along the way, but the biggest and best part has been welcoming you all In without discriminating against anybody EVER. Being asked to do so goes against my core belief system and who I am and I will not change that for anybody and I will not encourage a two tier society supporting segregation, inequality and medical prejudice. I would hope that we can welcome you all inside in the very short future but in the meantime we will continue providing Take-outs, Outdoor Dining and offering Outdoor Catering. Much Love to all of you and thank you so much for your understanding, Paula #EqualStatusActs s3(2)(a)-(j) Section 5(1)

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