About the list.

This is a directory of Irish pubs and restaurants that have publicly stated they're against Vaccine Certs or Passports. Links to the statements are on every business page.

There are many other establishments not open indoors, and others open indoors without Vaccine Certs or Passports, but they have made no public statements as of yet.

The list is randomized in order every few days.

If you know of any Pubs or Restaurants against the Vaccine Cert, or passport, please get in touch.

If any of the establishments on this list go back on their statements, please get in touch.

If your business is listed and you'd like it removed or modified, please get in touch.

If you are looking for other businesses that are against the Vaccine Cert / Passport check out https://communitytradesireland.ie/ and https://mycompass.ie/

Last Update 23/09/2021